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Seth Cagin
Candidate for the Colorado
House of Representatives

  • Good Jobs at Good Wages
  • More State Funding for Education
  • Affordable Health Care

Finding Common Ground 

  • Collaborative Management of Public Lands
  • American values of patriotism, morality,  honesty, integrity, respect, and kindness

Reúnase conmigo en el WildEdge Brewing Collective en Cortez el Miercoles, 21 de Marzo, a las 5.

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American politics are noisy, but we have more in common than we have that divides us. For the people of the 58th District, our common ground starts with beautiful Southwestern Colorado. We choose to live here because we value the natural world, our close-knit communities, and a simpler way of life with our families. For us to prosper in rural and small-town Colorado, and for our children to stay and raise their families here, I believe we need to invest in local economic development to provide the well-paying jobs of the future, make health insurance affordable, and we need to support great schools.  We need to improve our roads and access to broadband, and we need to wisely manage the public lands that contribute so much to our economy and quality of life.

With these as my priorities, I will work respectfully, pragmatically and tirelessly to find common ground across all parties and all people, taking action to move our district and our state forward for all who call Colorado home. 



Join me at WildEdge in Cortez, on Wednesdy March 21 at 5 p.m.

From my most recent diary entry:

But Nucla and Naturita are where the issues that divide America are so stark that they come into sharp focus, with highly applicable lessons for Cortez and Montrose and beyond. One lesson is that threading the needle – balancing honesty with tact, expressing respect without pandering, and offering hope without a gloss of unreality – is both daunting and necessary, and is the only way I can envision out of this morass.

Join me at La Cocina de Luz in Telluride, on Sunday, March 25 at 4 p.m.

Reúnase conmigo en La Cocina de Luz en Telluride el Domingo, 25 de Marzo, a las 4 de la tarde

Join me at The Vine in Montrose, on Thursday,, March 29 at 5 p.m.

Reúnase conmigo en The Vine en Montrose el Jueves, 29 de Marzo, a las 5 de la tarde.