Cagin For Colorado State House


Government must work for everyone. If elected to office, I will ask this question about every proposal that comes before me: How will this help the hard-working people of the 58th House District?

We have more in common than we have that divides us. Our common ground starts with beautiful Southwestern Colorado. We live here
because we value the natural world and our close-knit communities.

For us to prosper in rural and small-town Colorado, and for our children to be able to stay and raise their families here, we need health insurance we can afford, we need to bring Colorado up and out of the bottom ten states in school funding, and we need to protect the public lands that contribute so much to our economy and quality of life. We must conserve the water that flows from those public lands.

I will work respectfully, pragmatically and tirelessly to protect our shared values and our future.